The Greenspan Report

A new report by leading Canadian criminal lawyer Brian Greenspan (Greenspan Humphrey Weinstein, Toronto) discredits the 2017 report by GAIPE (Grupo Asesor Internacional de Personas Expertas) that blames Honduran renewable energy developer DESA (Desarrollos Energéticos S.A.) for the brutal murder of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres in March of 2016. The Greenspan Report also sheds light on serious and systematic violations of both Honduran and International standards of due process in the resulting criminal proceedings against two of DESA’s employees in Honduras.

“The GAIPE report almost singlehandedly shaped what we have all been reading about the Berta Cáceres murder for more than a year now,” says international lawyer Robert Amsterdam. “Based on that report, many NGOs, who, frankly, should know better, have been quick to prejudge the Cáceres case, but as the Greenspan Report makes clear, they have done so without credible evidence and with gross disregard for the legal rights of DESA’s employees.”

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