Video: Robert Amsterdam Presents White Paper on Berta Cáceres Case

More than two and half years ago, in March 2016, the Honduran activist Berta Caceres was killed in her home by unknown gunmen.

Immediately following this crime, before any official investigation had even begun, her former organization known as COPINH has unleashed a continuing massive international defamation campaign to blame the murder on my client, the renewable energy firm DESA.

Despite completely lacking evidence, COPINH was successful in duping many of the world’s largest NGOs and nonprofits to accept their false narrative of what happened, feeding them disinformation to join them in blaming DESA.

Weaponizing these organizations, COPINH has attacked the rule of law in Honduras.

They have attacked the rights to a fair trial of the two DESA defendants – Sergio Rodriguez and David Castillo.

They have attacked their rights to the presumption of innocence, and they have sought to keep them unlawfully imprisoned in pretrial detention without trial beyond the limits of international law.

Most importantly for the international community to understand, COPINH has attacked the people of Honduras, attacking their rights to development, opportunity, and prosperity.

This White Paper we are releasing today is entitled “War on Development,” because the world needs to understand that these recent caravans of migrants do not come from a vacuum – they are leaving because anti-development groups like COPINH have frozen projects like Agua Zarca – erasing more than 1,500 jobs in one of the poorest areas of the country.

As this White Paper will document, across Honduras radical anti-development activists like COPINH have frozen more than a quarter billion dollars of foreign direct investment – and they are using foreign funding and fraudulent crusades against businesses to do it.

We are publishing this paper because we believe these attacks must stop.

We are publishing this paper because it is time to have a serious discussion about who COPINH really is, and what their true agenda is.

This document will not only show that Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Castillo had absolutely nothing to do with Ms. Caceres’ death, it will go further to expose the underlying fraud of COPINH’s self-presentation as a powerless victim in this matter.

For the first time ever, we are going to be publishing the raw evidence for all to review – data and chat transcripts extracted from devices belonging to the victim and the accused.

These bombshell text messages show not only that COPINH has been intentionally sharing false information, but in fact show that Berta Caceres herself maintained a warm and collegial friendship with David Castillo.

Number 1 – Far from fearing any sort of threats from him or any other member of DESA, instead these text messages will show that Berta Caceres wanted Castillo to join her during the reception when she received her Goldman Prize.

Number 2 – Another set of text messages between Caceres and her colleagues in COPINH expose how they have expertly manipulated international public opinion, by busing in fake protesters from other areas of the country to perform as angry locals. This is what they have done during a visit of a key rapporteur as well as representatives from the NGO Global Witness. We can only imagine the kind of show they have put on for media.

Number 3 – The text messages our independent expert witnesses have recovered will show the existence of several other lines of inquiry that had been abandoned – including death threats from third parties and even signs of a potentially abusive personal relationship with individuals unrelated to DESA.

Additionally the publication of this white paper will feature exclusive witness testimony from those who the international NGOs and media have ignored – those victims who have suffered from COPINH’s violent intimidation tactics. We will be publishing exclusive video testimony of these stories, which paint an entirely different picture of who COPINH really is and how they are regarded by locals in these communities.

This document will serve as the basis to inform the international community on the true facts of this case – based on thousands of pages of evidence, as accusations based on politics. We will be distributing this paper broadly in Washington DC, London, Madrid and locations of interest to raise awareness and to help bring an end to COPINH’s fraudulent claims and attacks on rights.

It is true that someone is responsible for Berta’s death, and we must all support justice being served in this case. But that doesn’t give anyone license to falsely accuse and jail people based on no evidence or simply because they work on a project you oppose.

That’s not how the law works, and we should stop pretending it is any other way. To obtain a free copy of this White Paper, please visit